Electric 2 Wheelers Battery Pack

Engineered with a meticulous focus on the unique environmental factors of India, Liionergy's lithium-ion battery packs for eBicycles (e-Bikes) & Two Wheelers encompass a comprehensive safeguard against overcharging risks. Crafted to precision, Liionergy's lithium-ion battery packs arrive fully optimized, with a deliberate selection of lithium-ion cells meticulously assessed through rigorous testing to match the precise demands of the application. 
‌The incorporation of an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) guarantees operational safety, facilitates cell equilibrium to extend range and battery longevity, and provides a protective shield against hazardous operating conditions.

Dependable Power Solution

Cost Effective Pricing

Protection From Voltage Fluctuations

Rigorous Durability Testing

Optimal And Streamlined Engineering

Extensive Service Support